The Foundation's activities include:

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Outreach Programme

  An outreach programme whereby members have regular meetings with government, professional, business and academic leaders in Hong Kong and China in order to be well-informed on issues and concerns, and with Visitors to Hong Kong to inform and provide a fuller context on Hong Kong's future.
Overseas Visits   Travel to the U.S., China and Europe by members for the purpose of increasing knowledge and broadening perspectives on issues facing Hong Kong.
Sponsorship of Visitor Programmes to Hong Kong   The sponsorship of programmes for U.S. congressional and journalist visits to Hong Kong to allow for a factual, more balanced view of developments in Hong Kong and to minimise misperceptions about Hong Kong abroad.
Audio-Visual Materials   The production of audio-visual materials on Hong Kong's current and future role in Asia and the world for use in Hong Kong and abroad by Foundation members and friends.
The Hong Kong Advantage   Co-sponsor of a study on the competitiveness of the Hong Kong economy. The study utilised the competitive advantage analytical framework for which the Harvard Business School has been widely profiled and was conducted by a team comprising faculty of the Harvard Business School and members of the Hong Kong community.



The Foundation's accomplishments include:


China Programme


Strengthening ties and mutual understanding between Hong Kong people and the People's Republic of China

  • Regular dialogue with senior Chinese officials, regular meetings with Hong Kong-based representatives of PRC institutions.
  • Sponsorship of April 1995 conference in Beijing, "Law and China's External Economic Relations" convening legal experts from China, Hong Kong and the USA for an in-depth assessment of the progress made and needed in the development of China's foreign trade and investment laws and regulations. Arranged in cooperation with the Western Returned Scholars Association (Beijing), the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (MOFTEC), and The 1990 Institute (San Francisco).
Education   Catalyst for bringing together a grouping of Chambers of Commerce and other business associations who share an interest in and a common desire to contribute towards the development of quality education in Hong Kong, thus forming the Business Coalition on Education. Established February 1999.
U.S. Congressional Visit Programme  

Promoting more informed decision making by American legislators on issues of concern to Hong Kong and China

  • Sponsorship of visits to Hong Kong & China by U.S. Senators, Congressional Representatives and staff members.*
  • Participants include members of Congress serving on trade-, Asia- and foreign affairs-related committees with policy impact on Hong Kong and first-term members unfamiliar with Asia.
  • Provides U.S. politicians and government officials visiting Hong Kong with a broad spectrum of public & private sector views on Hong Kong's economic & political relationships with China, Asia, U.S. and the rest of the world.
  • Strong recognition and reputation in Washington as a Foundation providing a well-planned, in-depth educational program.

* Accredited by the Ethics Committee of the United States Congress as a non-political, private host organisation.

Members' Delegations  

A complementary programme to provide direct input to policymakers in the two countries that most significantly impact the future of Hong Kong

  • Regular, self-funded visits by Foundation members to China for discussions with policymaking communities affecting Hong Kong.
  • Nurturing strong relationships facilitates all aspects of the Foundation's work.
Meeting Programme  

Two-way exchanges in Hong Kong to "inform and be informed".

  • Over 600 frank, off-the-record meetings with local and overseas opinion leaders in business, the professions, academia, think tanks and government organisations and others from Hong Kong, North America, Asia and Europe affecting policy in and toward Hong Kong up to twice a week.
Journalists' Visit Programme  

Media shapes the views of senior business and government leaders worldwide.

  • Sponsorship of Hong Kong/China visits by U.S.-based journalists and editors modelled on Congressional visit programme and organised in cooperation with the National Press Foundation and the East-West Center in Hawaii.
  • Encourages more balanced, informed reporting in order to address possible misrepresentation and incomplete information with respect to Hong Kong's future as a Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China.
Special Research Commissioned  

A study of the competitiveness of the Hong Kong economy commissioned to broaden and complement the Foundation's existing programmes.

  • In keeping with the original vision of founding members in 1989 to promote a better understanding of Hong Kong's future as one of the most important commercial and financial centres in the world.

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